Is a customer-driven organization we know that the customer must come first, and we must do what is necessary to gain their utmost confidence. Our bottom line is to be committed to providing quality services.


We are continuously searching for new methods and ideas that can be implemented into our control systems. Our system engineers are at the top of the latest advances in control and process technology. We tailor every system to provide a seamless software and hardware solution giving our clients a competitive edge in today's quickly changing environments.


Mission Statement: "To provide solutions to improve our customer's quality and productivity."


Advanced Automation is a full-service control systems firm providing all of the necessary services to meet your control systems needs. We have been helping companies achieve their goals through automation for over 34 years. Handling projects in the chemical industry, water treatment, food processing, utilities, heat treating, material handling, batch production, just to name a few.  Our exposure to all of these different industries has given us a vast wealth of  knowledge and experience.


As Process Controls Specialists

Advanced Automation