The SCADA System was installed on two vertical injection molding machines. This system was installed to monitor and control critical process characteristics, including: die temp, injection barrel temp, and nozzle temp. This system replaced original factory controls.

The installation went smoothly and all controls and the computer were installed professionally. The system performs well with little attention.?

- Charley Devenport
Sr. Manufacturing Engineer


Ice Maker Water Valve Leak Test Fixture. This project became much bigger and more difficult than first anticipated. Advanced Automation stood by their quote and came through with a multiple test fixture with automatic leak detection capabilities per the original request. Advanced Automation's customer service is excellent for operator training and troubleshooting. This is not the first project Advanced Automation has completed for me. They are all completed with customer satisfaction as their goal. This is a first class, competent organization."

- Andy Johnson
Whirlpool Corp.


If you need help modernizing and/or simplifying your existing control systems,

then don't hesitate to contact Advanced Automation

Advanced Automation developed a Computerized Inspection Sheet with the Kodak digital camera. Now I can report any problems to my suppliers using real-time digital pictures in a format that is documented, concise, and easy to read. This is really helpful when dealing with suppliers and customers from other countries! Currently, ACS (Advanced Automation's sister company) now provides U.S. Motors with all repairs and calibrations for our electronic equipment with a yearly cost savings of over $12,000 and a 75% faster turnaround on electronic equipment we send them.

Good job Eddie Ray and Associates!

- Raymond Voison
U.S. Electric Motors