The day of the Electromechanical relay as the main process control component has long since faded. Advanced Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) have quickly become the tool of choice for efficient and reliable process control and automation. With the ever increasing demands of industry upon the controllers to perform more tasks and the need to track more information, the Personal Computer (PC) has also come to play a major role in industrial control and automation.

We at Advanced Automation work closely with our customers to determine which type of system (PLC, PC, or Combination) best suits their needs. We provide both turn-key systems (design to installation) and or PC and PLC programming services. Our systems consist of leading manufacturer PLCs, PCs, and field devices (ex. pressure switches, flow transducers, RTDs, limit switches, etc.). We provide PC solutions using FactoryTalk View, Microsoft Visual Basic, JavaScript, C#, and Microsoft Access. A few examples of the systems in which we have utilized either PLCs or PCs are listed below.

PC/PLC Systems and Programming

  • Automated Test Fixture Control System
  • Chemical Process Control System
  • Batch Control System
  • Plastic Injection Molding Machine Control System
  • Temperature Control System