Relational Database Development

 Today's industry demands that all aspects of the manufacturing process be documented and readily accessible for costing and quality assurance purposes. One method of handling this information is via a Relational Database Management System. A Relational Database Application enables you to quickly and easily link together data from the many facets of production (receiving, inspection, assembly, process control, etc.) and generate detailed reports based upon multiple data tables and their relationships. We at Advanced Automation pride ourselves on developing advanced, cost-effective, expandable, and user-friendly relational database applications. There are innumerable areas in which relational database applications can be used. Some of the areas in which we have utilized them are as follows:


  • Production Data Management
  • Recipe Management
  • Supplier Performance Tracking
  • Process Control
  • Equipment Calibration & Repair Tracking

See a Relational Database Application Example

 All of these applications were developed using Microsoft Access because of its unparalleled compatibility and data-handling capabilities. Data from any Access application we develop can be easily shared with other Microsoft Windows programs such as Microsoft Excel. This makes your data even more usable.


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